23 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2023

New Year’s resolution ideas are never successful if they are not simple, measurable and realistic. Keeping this in mind, I have made a list of 23 New Year’s resolution ideas for the year 2023. A lot of them are additions to improve some habits I already have and some of them are new incorporations.

Three Ideas Related to Self-Love

Writing a letter to the self is one of the best New Year’s resolution ideas. I have been journaling since years now but have always avoided this part. This year I have got to do this.

The second idea is that I want to go for outdoor sketching once every month. Outdoor sketching improves mindfulness and I love painting and sketching. I do outdoor sketches when I travel but I want to bring in more regularity in the process. It is going to be like an enjoyable and interesting solo date.

I need to stop procrastinating when it comes to creative writing. Bunch of ideas remain hidden in my notepad since 2022. So, in 2023 I promise to convert them into full scale writings and get them published finally.

Four New Year’s Health Resolutions

I have already booked yoga classes. Yoga makes one flexible, strong and balances the mind, body and soul. I am into meditation and I definitely think yoga will only enhance my meditation experiences.

I liked the idea of ‘Meatless Mondays’ and is one of my New Year’s resolution ideas when it comes to healthy diet habits. Basically on Mondays I have decided to eat vegan. It also has another story behind it- no consumption of ‘pashu’ (animal) on the day of the ‘Pashupati’ (Lord Shiva).

Never will I delay doctors’ appointments and have regular cyclical check-ups. I have a terrible tendency to avoid them.

I won’t touch the snooze button to the alarm in the morning. Moreover, this year I am beginning with setting the alarm 15 minutes before my last year’s waking time in the morning.

Six Ideas for Learning New Things

I have to be regular with ukulule practise. Even though I am trying to learn since last year, I can’t maintain regularity.

One of my simplest New Year’s resolution ideas is to try my hands at clay DIY. The Fevicryl clay box is lying at home since a few months now and needs utilisation.

The third idea is to learn a foreign language seriously. Last year I tried French, Italian and Japanese but stuck to none. This year, I will take up one at a time and complete the basic course.

I will write/ sketch daily even if it is just a scribble but will definitely make it a daily habit.

I make journal entries every day, both in daily activity journals and gratitude journals. Every year I buy journals from the market. This year I have started making journal spreads myself. My resolution is to continue and complete the process.

Though it sounds teenage-like, I will definitely make a vision board this year.

Four New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Prevent Hoarding

‘Read what are there on the shelves’, is suggested by a friend. I am a voracious reader but over time I have also become a book hoarder. So this year I have decided to first finish reading the books which are lying on the shelves and then think of buying new ones.

No buying sarees is my mantra this year. I have a closet full of wonderful sarees which I mostly wear during festivities and cultural celebrations. Same goes for my mom and mom-in-law. I can wear their sarees too. So I will wear this wonderful attire more often this year and buy none.

The third idea is to make a meal plan for the week and prepare a proper shopping list before visiting the supermarket. I am really poor at planning meals ahead.

Sticking to the plan of quarterly resetting, discarding and donating is compulsory for me to keep my room clutter free.

Three New Year’s Travel Resolutions

One of the major New Year’s resolution ideas is to explore my hometown. I live by Dalai Lama’s words, “Once a year go somewhere you have never been before” and travel every year. However, there are numerous places in my hometown which I have not yet seen. Kolkata, my hometown is a beautiful city and there are so many spots which I haven’t explored yet. I have made a list to visit the Central Jail Museum, Parasnath Jain Temples, Greek Cemetery, eat Chinese breakfast at Terreti Bazar and eat at Zakaria Street.

The second idea is a serious one. I need to have a separate travel budget. Every year I have this in mind but finally work on ad hoc budget while travelling. Exclusive travel budget is great for impromptu plans too.

This year once again, I want to do a solo trip. I travel solo sometimes, often with my husband, friends and family and all of these have their different charm. However, a solo trip is intense and provides clarity over a lot of doubts we have.

Two New Year’s Relationship Resolutions

I will celebrate a day in a month with my parents. I often spend time with them but very casually. The idea is to make them feel special, at least one day a month.

One of my unique New Year’s resolution ideas is to write to my best friends. We often are constantly in touch through WhatsApp but have actually lost touch. To bring back that simplicity I want to begin writing to friends. We can save each other’s hand written letters forever.

The Final New Year’s Resolution Idea for 2023

The 22 New Year’s resolution ideas shared above are all personal and extremely simple ones. The 23rd and final resolution is that I will make sure to track and evaluate the implementation of the above mentioned 22 ideas. Consistency is the key to success. By the end of the year I must feel good about achieving them and in 2024 set new goals and resolutions.

Happy 2023!!


Dipannita Bhattacherya

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