6 Simple Habits which Make a Great Difference in Life

Having a plan is the best thing to look forward to. Short term plan or long term plan; shopping plan or partying plan; health plan or movie plan, objectives really drive us. Half of 2023 is gone and I am grateful to the first half of the year and wishing for the second half to be as good, if not better. Today I am writing about 6 simple habits which make a great difference in life. Trust me, for most of us, acquiring these simple habits will work wonder and set the rest of the year in perfect shape.

Waking Up Early in the Morning:

The most important among simple habits which make a great difference in life is waking up early in the morning. Waking up early just gives one more time. At dawn one feels the freshness of nature naturally. A morning walk in nature, workout, yoga and meditation yield best results when done early morning. Besides these, utilising this ‘me-time’ for self-care is also a great option. Waking up early helps one to plan the whole day properly. More time in the morning prevents one from the mad morning rush and helps her to be calm and composed.

30 Minutes of Indulgence in Hobbies or Learning Something New:

One is generally inclined to that extra curriculum activity or interested in learning that new skill which intrigues us. Valuing our passions and interests make us happier; hence dedicating at least half an hour in a day to our hobbies and/or learning something new results in joy and a sense of accomplishment. As we keep learning new things, we keep ourselves motivated and feel purposeful. These engagements help the brain remain active and making it easier for us to accept challenges in our day–to-day life without being stressed.

10 Pages of Daily Reading:

Reading for 30 minutes is one of the simple habits which makes a great difference in life as it is very relaxing. Reading lowers the heart rate and eases the tension in the muscles. Besides, reading increases knowledge and wisdom and enhances creativity. It helps to break the daily monotony.

Drinking Enough Water:

Among simple habits which make a great difference in life, drinking enough water may sound easiest yet, most people fail to consume enough water due to the rush in our daily lives. Drinking enough water keeps us literally cool and hydrated. We don’t feel drained out and remain refreshed. We are focused on healthy diets and workout sessions but tend to miss out this simple practice of drinking enough water. Focus on this daily for the last 6 months of the year and see the mark difference.


I always keep speaking of journaling because this simple habit has been life changing for me. Journal daily and see the positive change it brings o your life. Journaling gives you a chance to review and evaluate the day. We often don’t focus on ourselves and our activities on a regular normal day and journaling helps us do that. We become more mindful. Gratitude journaling is a must. Practising gratitude is one of the simple habits which not only makes a great difference in life but completely changes it. Journaling also helps us plan our days, weeks and months. Journaling is a great way to dump our thoughts; be it creative, positive or negative and a journal could be the best place for venting out our feelings; be it love or anger. This daily habit rejuvenates us and makes us feel lighter.

Sleep Scheduling:

Binge watching movies and series in the night, late night parties, group chats with friends and online games at midnight are so popular these days, besides late night work. However, these are not great habits. Out of some the simple habits which makes a great difference in life, sleep scheduling works wonder. Having a good night’s sleep is extremely essential. Schedule the bedtime and do not use mobile phones (screens) for at least 45 mins before you hit the bed. Deep and sound sleep rests both the body and the mind and charges them to function well the next day again. It improves appetite, blood pressure and cardiac health. Sleep deprivation affects mental health leading to anxiety and paranoia.

Repetition is the Key to Building Habits:

Building habits is hard but the above is a list of only simple habits which makes a great difference in life. Start these now if you do not follow them and by the end of the year you will be surprised and happy with the positive change they bring in you. Repetition is the key to forming successful habits. Healthy habits bring your mind, body and soul in shape.

Dipannita Bhattacherya

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