Ariti and the Little Fairy

‘Ariti and the Little Fairy’ is Ariti’s story. This is a story of and for Ariti, my cute little niece living in Ireland. On her 4th birthday, which was on 30th June, 2021, I gifted her this handmade book. I wrote the story and literally, the story is hand written with painted illustrations. This is Ariti’s story because I have used elements from her daily life. I have focused on her favorites. 24th June is observed as International Fairy Day and since it’s so close to Ariti’s birthday, I chose to have a fairy. I am still fascinated with them. The story is one of friendship and how to stand by one in need. It’s a very short read. Enjoy it.

Book Review

Ariti loved the book, ‘Ariti and the Little Fairy’. Over a video call, she sent me flying kisses and thanked me. I could clearly see her excitement and joy. She eagerly showed her unique birthday gift to her friends but at the same time, also had a complaint. When I asked what it was, she pointed that the bicycle I painted was pretty much the same as her original one but I made one silly mistake. I missed the basket. Well, this complaint made me feel successful. It actually proved that Ariti had minutely gone through the book.

I know it is a late post given the fact that it was written in June. However, I chose to post it today. Firstly it’s autumn and secondly it’s October, after all. Halloween is coming soon. So why not read a tiny story of a pretty little girl, unicorn and a little fairy? Fairies are good ‘magical folks’ for the Halloween.

Dipannita Bhattacherya

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