Bunny and his Darjeeling Dragon

‘Bunny and the Darjeeling Dragon’ is an imaginary story based on some of 5 years old Bunny’s treasured things. I have tried to weave these elements together with some of my favourites from Darjeeling. It is a place that I keep frequenting because it inspires. Darjeeling has calm amidst all the chaos. In fact I had visited Darjeeling with Bunny’s parents too and this makes this book special for all of us. Bunny and his parents had their last vacation in Darjeeling from where he got his favourite red jacket. Of course I was briefed by his mom about these and also about the other places and things he enjoyed there. But I can’t forget how sweetly he had requested me to make a Dragon story. So I had to think and rethink, to create this story for him.

The Story, ‘Bunny and His Darjeeling Dragon’

So let’s get into the dragon story. Swipe the pictures to read it. As I already said, it is a handwritten book. I am sure you will enjoy the mystery of the dragon and Bunny’s Darjeeling dairy.

The Review of the Book

This book is hand written, with hand painted illustrations and loads of love. Vibrant colours and the mention of Bunny’s most preferred things make the book attractive and enjoyable. I am touched by his innocent happy smile and twinkle in the eyes as seen in the photos and videos sent by his mom. Bunny called me excitedly to say about how he felt on receiving the package. He also asked how did I paint the dragon and if I had really seen one in Darjeeling. These review calls by the kids is the driving force, helping me create the next one. Bunny’s parents were super excited too. I am grateful to his parents for trusting me with something so sensitive, because books mould a child. I am happy and satisfied to know that my book has a positive impact on the kid.
Dipannita Bhattacherya

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  1. Anamika Jawba

    This is excellent…Darjeeling is so well captured, entwined with such burst of imagination. And the message that the society needs today…Love is the greatest strength. Amazing work

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