Children’s Story Book: Arko’s Chowmein Magic

I have not met Arko, the 7 year old protagonist of the story ever. One of his aunts commissioned me to make a hand illustrated and hand written children’s story book for him. The book is personalised, written on and for him. The illustrations are done inwater colors. Arko, also called Shreyansh, a student of South Point School loves to eat chowmein and loves painting, were the breif I had. She had shared a photo of this bright little boy. So here is a story of his favourite food, chowmein. His love for art plays a major role and then there is magic. Every child has his or her own magic and is fond of this too.

The Story

Arko is helpful and obedient. He is blessed with a power because of his good deeds and behaviour which he shares happily with his friends. There is a bully, Rakesh, whom Arko and his friends teach a lesson too. However, they finally forgive him and become his friends.  The story speaks of fun, friendship and forgiveness. That is where the main magic lies. Swipe the pictures to read the full children’s story book named, ‘Arko’s Chowmein Magic’.

Book Review

I am touched by the feedback from Arko’s mom who informed Arko’s aunt that he was super excited and happy on receiving the book. I have been conveyed the message that the little child could not believe that he is the ‘Hero’ of a whole story book. The joy that the children derive from my children’s story books magically enocurages me to make more of such books. This is priceless, more than I can ask for.

Dipannita Bhattacherya

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  1. Priyadarshini

    A book that’s hand made and personalised. An original story where my child is the hero and then it is fun, imaginative, creative, colourful and with a moral value. What else do we need in a children’s story? This is awesome

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