Growing up with ‘The Adventures of Tintin’

I can recall roaming around with Tintin comics since I just started reading. My dad started handing over his Tintin comics set to me since a very early age. I have grown up with Tintin, having read each book numerous times. I cannot figure out an idea of a life without Tintin. Hergé’s ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ is not just a set of comic books but a set of emotions to me. They are a part of my life.

‘The Adventures of Tintin’, a Set of Emotions

Tintin is witness to my fun times, sorrows and worries. I still read ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ when I feel sad or tensed and instantly I am relieved of my worries or sorrows. When I feel extremely happy and light, I often sit with Tintin. Some of these books have witnessed my falling in love for the first time. In school, exchanging Tintin comics was a means of expressing love. Gifting Tintin books is still special to me. They are expensive too. Buying the full set for me was an achievement and I did receive a pat on my back from many Tintin fans amongst friends and family. Yes, I earned it. ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ is an a set and has always been a motivating factor.

What Makes ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ So Popular?

‘The Adventures of Tintin’ is a rage in pop culture and among intellectuals as well. Bengali urban children and teens as projected in movies of the famous director, Satyajit Ray, always had a book of Tintin in their hands. Tintin per se is not the sole reason for such popularity across the globe. The other characters add to the flavor. Besides breath taking adventures, Herge has focused on exotic locations for Tintin who originated in Belgium in 1929. And we can’t ignore the brilliant illustrations or art work. Well, I call ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ an artefact of history.

The Supporting Characters in ‘The Adventures of Tintin’

Tintin is a bright 16 year old journalist with a white pet dog called Snowy. He is intelligent, just, compassionate, honest, persevering and friendly. Captain Haddock, the swearing seafarer pipe-smoking Marine Captain, who first made appearance in ‘The Crab with the Golden Claws’ (1941), becomes Tintin’s best friend and the constant buddy for every other adventure. He adds to the energy and vibe of the comics. Professor Calculus is another friend who makes his first appearance in ‘Red Rackham’s Treasure’ (1943). His hysteric behavior because of being deaf together with him being a science genius made him the central character in many of the books. He is the inventor of submarine and the rocket to the moon. Thompson and Thomson, the two similar looking funny detectives, General Alcazar, Rastapopoulos and Bianca Castafiore are characters who make ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ so popular. Then there is Nestor, Oliveira, the friendly salesman, Chang, Allan, the Indian Maharaja, little Abdulla and his father the Sheikh, Zorino and the Incas and many more.

The Adventures and Travels:

Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus reached moon 16 years before Neil Armstrong, the first real man on moon. So you can imagine the range of their adventures already. They have travelled extensively to the Soviet, Sahara, Congo, Egypt, Jordan, America, Central and Latin America, Scotland, China, India and Tibet. They also take us to fictional countries like Syldavia and Borduria. ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ are stories with research and creativity well knit together. We get a feel of Politics, revolt and agitations and scams and mysteries related to fake notes, opium, petroleum and more. Tintin and team has a non totalitarian opinion, standing for the weak and needy.

Life Lessons Learnt from ‘The Adventures of Tintin’:

True friendship and protecting the weak and the needy are pivotal in ‘The Adventures of Tintin’. Fighting for the truth and being just is something which I have learnt. Tintin teaches how to use presence of mind; knowledge at the appropriate time and to keep your calm. The books provide hope. It has taught me never to give up. ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ is my time machine, teleporting me to my childhood and to my dream destinations like Tibet, Scotland and Peru.

Important Fundas from

I am grateful to Georges Prosper Remi, known by the pen name Hergé for gifting us with Tintin. 10th of January, 1929, is considered the birthday of Tintin, the young 16 year old dare devil reporter, who never grows old. Happy birthday dear Tintin, you will always stay with me. Well, I call my beloved nephew, Tintin.
Dipannita Bhattacherya

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  1. Suma Acharya

    Dipanwita, your post on Tintin has taken me back to my teens. Tintin was an essential part of our student years. And your observations on the choice of storyline, the countries involved, Tintin’s visit to the moon, the bestowing of so many new, scientific ideas, all very informative, the friendly and not so friendly characters…. are very true. Thank you for reminding me the good old days….

  2. Tintin amader 90’s kid er kache golden period er part…. We are soo lucky , becuz we have Tintin , Tom and Jerry , Ben 10 and Specially Shaktiman memory.
    Tin tin dekhtam chotto belay aaj aabar sob recalls hoche …. Thank you Ma’am for this beautiful presentation related to Tintin

  3. Very well written. It is true that Tintin will never grow old. These books were an integral part of my childhood too. Tintin will always remain very special.

  4. I have read tintin, my son read and now his son is also reading. You are right Tintin will never grow old

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