Halloween Special Poem

Meeting Michael at Midnight

It was midnight, it was pitch dark;

In the distant sky I saw a sudden spark.

The lightening was followed by a thunder;

I stood still on the road in wonder,

Worrying if it was going to rain;

I had left my umbrella on the window pane.

As the heavy showers started,

To my left I unknowingly darted.

To my surprise I found Michael,

Holding his umbrella on my head and riding his red bicycle.

Coldly he whistled as we moved ahead;

My heart raced fast because I knew he was dead.

I used to teach him at the High School;

Is it some prank? Is someone trying to make me a fool?



I summed up courage and asked how does he fare,

He kept whistling and walked with a blank frontward stare.

Then came the graveyard on my right;

We crossed it and Michael was out of sight.

The rain suddenly happened to stop;

I nervously paced faster and my bag happened to drop.

As I bent down to pick it up’

I saw Michael standing behind a shrub.

I thanked him and for his soul I prayed,

“Good Bye Mam”, is what he said.

Then he vanished leaving me in tears,

Reminding me of the last few years.

He was a promising student;

Disciplined, intelligent and extremely prudent.

Corona had taken him last year;

Yet he helped me tonight, his presence was clear.


I entered my house with a heavy heart and a heavy bag;

I opened my bag to find a book with a cute little tag.

I recognised the book immediately;

Michael had taken this book last year and promised to return it positively.

“How is it even possible?” I thought;

I was about to faint, yet I fought.

With shivering hands, I took up the tag to read,

It said, “Sorry for returning it late, keeping someone else’s book is not a good deed.”


Halloween Special Poem

There is a thin film that separates the two worlds, our world and the dark world. It is believed that on 31st of October, Halloween, the the worlds pervades. The departed souls come close to us. Halloween is  observed on 31st of October, every year, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. This day is dedicated to remembering the dead. We often associate the dead with evil and dark but most of the times it is not so. Here’s my poem, ‘Meeting Michael at Midnight’ that narrates such a tale. 

I am expressing my gratitude towards the dead and wishing them peace. Happy Halloween. 

Dipannita Bhattacherya

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