Keeping the Inner Child Alive

It is a common symptom of most people that they are looking for something; something that they feel is missing from their lives. Well, most of them are looking for the inner child that’s either lost or is in a deep slumber. Keeping the inner child alive and kicking must be our motto. This will keep most of our problems at bay and we can enjoy life to its fullest. Sounds fun? It does but it is not as easy as it sounds. We need to practise some simple yet impactful things regularly to be one with our inner child.

Stop Worrying about What Others Will Say :

A child is never worried about what others will say about her. She is true to herself and does what she wants. We adults need to have self-belief and confidence to do what we want. If we are not hurting anyone with our actions, we must not worry about what others will say. One must come out of the shell. This is utmost freedom and the inner child loves it. Did you like to swing when you were a child? Do it now and connect with your inner child. Keeping the inner child alive and kicking is key to limitless joy. The child in you, if happy and satisfied, can guide you to greatness, peace, love and harmony.

Live in the Present Moment:

We must learn from our childhood, how carefree we used to be. We waste so much of time and energy today, only worrying about the future. In our childhood ‘stress’ used to be a word from the Physics texts but now as adults this word has become a part of most of our lives. How to reduce stress? We must reduce usage of mobile phone; useless scrolling through social media images. Let’s make it a rule that mobile phone won’t be the first and the last thing to be used in a day. Instead spend that time on real physical communication. Spend that time in doing concrete things which the inner child enjoys.

Be Creative and Curious:

When we have our creative juices flowing, we try to break barriers and reach beyond the imaginary borders we had pre-set. A child is always open to new things. To keep the inner child alive and happy we must not think time and again when it comes to trying out new things. Be creative. Curiosity and inquisitiveness must not fade. Adults must keep learning new things. What happened if we didn’t learn pottery when we were 14? We can always do it at 40. Ask questions without worrying about being judged; there is no shame in accepting that we do not know something and that can be learnt. Reading more, learning new things and devoting time to hobbies are what energises the inner child.

Spend Some Time Daily with Nature:

We are nature’s children and so nature makes us feel alive. Walk barefoot on the green grass in a park at any time of the day. We come from the earth and go back to the earth. Nature is healing. If watering the plants is the first thing you do in a day, you will see how refreshing it is.

Trust More:

Trust yourself and also others. Reach out to strangers and see the magic. As innocent children we never chose our friends, most kids from the class were welcome to have fun together. As we start growing we build barriers. Let’s break them to keep the inner child alive and kicking. A genuine broad smile is a magical cure to many broken hearts. Let’s keep smiling and reaching out and also let’s not forget our old friends. Always keep in touch.

Keeping the Inner Child Alive is Important:

“Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history, and today is a gift. That is why they call it the present.” —Master Oogway from ‘Kung Fu Panda’. This is one of the best lines I have ever heard. To keep the inner child alive and kicking, we need to be one with it. For this it is best to live in the moment; to accept the present as a gift and enjoy life to its fullest. The inner child is extremely responsible too. Talk to yourself, the inner child and worry less, live and laugh more. Happy Children’s Day.
Dipannita Bhattacherya

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