The Himalaya, a Miracle

The Himalaya, a Miracle

In the Himalaya, all is serene, all is pure,

He is the epitome of miracle, I am absolutely sure.

He speaks and loves back; only if you know

how to talk to him, the abode of snow.

The colourful prayer flags flutter in solitude;

while they make love in quietude-

the high clouds and the snow white peaks.

The colours from the flags dance in air to their love song;

spreading luck, peace and all that the heart seeks

The Himalaya did come from the Tethys Seas;

Is it not a reminder that the Himalaya, a miracle,

is a metaphor for new possibilities?

My thoughts about the Himalaya:

The year 2020 has taught us how uncertain our lives are. We are still seeing that how a lot may change without any prior notice. However, we should never lose hope because life can be dramatic enough with innumerable possibilities. I have learnt and realized this from my different visits to the majestic mountains. I am influenced. It is said that the Himalaya is sacred. I find the abode of snow reflecting that sacredness. The very fact that such a humongous mountain range; rose from the sea, is one of world’s greatest examples of dramatic possibilities. The Himalaya provides meaning and purpose to my life. Life never stops; it may just change a bit. 

Visual Treat:

So we need to hang on for a little longer. This too shall pass and the world will heal sooner than expected. Therefore, here is my ode to the Himalaya together with some beautiful pictures of the gorgeous mountains, the high clouds and prayer flags, clicked during my visits to various Himalayan sites. Well, amidst the plethora of choices, I have finally selected a few pictures which I felt are relevant to the poem reflecting my feelings about this sacred mountain range.  


The Miraculous Himalaya

Dipannita Bhattacherya

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  1. Himalaya
    An epitome of miracle, pure, serene, peace to our eyes..
    Author,your thought,your thinking regarding nature is just awesome just lik you…

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