Planning for 2022: New Year Resolutions

Planning for 2022 is essential because even though life is uncertain and unpredictable, planning keeps us prepared. Planning is the pathway, at least we know, what we want from life. Let us try to live to our fullest potential in 2022, without being harsh on ourselves. Wishing all a happy 2022.

Reflecting over 2021:

Reflecting over success and gains and how we achieved them in 2021 is as important as reflecting over losses and failures in 2021 as well. Having a clear idea about what worked well for us and what didn’t is essential for effectively planning for 2022. For example, trying out my hands at creative writing, went well with me in 2021, hence, this activity is definitely going to be a part of building a better 2022.

Theme for the Year 2022:

A supreme theme for the whole year is a significant aspect of planning for 2022. The theme shows our intention and is our guiding light, enabling us to focus all the time. For example, the theme for 2022 can be ‘mental health’, where the focus would be to have emotional stability and well-being, throughout the year. All goal settings would be pivotal around mental health.

Goal Setting for 2022:

Goal settings are usually done for all different areas of life; health, finance, career, relationship, personal growth, travel and even spiritual. These can be further broken down into smaller sub categories. Under goals for personal growth, we can have reading goals, creativity enhancing DIY goals and goals to learn a new skill, technical or life lesson. Among so many goals, we must prioritize, before planning for 2022, to save ourselves from ending up very confused. And yes, goals can change. It is important that we give ourselves relaxations. Also, setting impractical goals are of no use.

My New Year Resolutions:

1. Health:

Health is my priority, both physical and mental. I will exercise to remain fit and meditate for calming the mind. We are amidst so much noise all the time. Quietude for sometime in the day is essential. Calm and Peace is my big bold theme while planning for 2022. I have promised not to miss my periodic checkups and take the dentist’s appointment which I had been avoiding for ages. I am not a morning person, but am trying to wake up early and be under the morning sky, practicing affirmations and gratitude. Getting out in fresh air for at least 20 minutes a day, is essential for both body and mind. Exercising and brisk walking are important agendas. And the mobile phone; I promise that it is not going to be the last and the first thing when I go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.

2. Finance:

Planning for 2022 involves, saving more for the unexpected, as taught by the years 2020 and 21. Investing in more secured pockets which can be easily liquidated, is the key. I am going to study about block chains in details. I will buy less identifying what I need and not what I want. Well, this doesn’t stop me from gifting my loved ones, and some random acts of kindness I practice. Neither will I stop rewarding myself, but I have decided on ad hoc purchases. I will buy when necessary. Reduced purchase will help in multiple uses of things I already have and result in less wastage and help me declutter. I am planning for 2022 with a little step towards minimalism in mind.

3. Personal Growth:

My journaling journey is going to continue for it helps me track my life on a daily basis. I was losing the habit of reading with work load. I started working on it and read 12 books in 12 months in 2021. This year I don’t want to overstress myself and so aim to exceed my reading goal by just another book. I am planning to write more and reading definitely helps. Planning for 2022 is a lot about my personal growth and hence, learning new things regularly will be a crucial part of 2022. I started learning ukulele in 2021 but then gave up. I will restart it. I had learnt pen and ink art in 2021 and this year I plan to make them on a larger scale. I wish to learn Japanese language. Travelling is always there while I plan for a new year. Another addition to the plan is to have a personal touch to the lives of my near and dear ones. I have decided to send them hand written letters. 2022 will also be a year of more plants around me.

Everything Boils Down to Personal Growth in 2022:

Planning for 2022 is a lot about personal growth and it is ‘works in progress.’ Personal growth and self care are not selfishness but are keys to being able to stand by people in need. A happy, peaceful, knowledgeable and confident person is what I desire to be and I am sure these attributes make me more productive.
Dipannita Bhattacherya

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