Ryka’s Dream Trip

Ryka’s Dream Trip is a story about Ryka who is extremely interested in the solar system. She is adorable and an extremely intelligent kid. This November she turned 4. I made this personalised story for her, of course with the help of her mother who briefed me about what she likes and what interests her. For example, her mom, my friend, told me that Ryka loves the colour yellow and she loves Peppa Pig. I am thankful to her mom for letting me create ‘Ryka’s Dream Trip’. The book is hand written and with illustrations which are hand painted. I believe this is a good method to get kids attached to the good habit of reading.

The Story....

The Review

I think my excitement in making the hand made book, ‘Ryka’s Dream Trip’, matched that of Ryka while receiving the hand made book. The glitter in her eyes, the excitement in the tone of her mom’s voice and remarks from her grand mom were magically encouraging. I have started other books for other kids but this one will always remain special to me, just as little Ryka is.
Dipannita Bhattacherya

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  1. Poulomi Chatterjee

    Beautiful dear I will get this printed for Bunny…he will be overjoyed as well Very well written and drawings are splendid

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