Things I Love to Do in March

March represents spring season and to me it is one of the most romantic months of the year. The soothing air around plays a pivotal role. Even in the hustle and bustle of the busy city I can hear birds chirping and I can see the trees turning red and yellow with blossoms of ‘Krishnachura’, ‘Radhachura’, ‘Simul’ and ‘Palash’. The city looks vibrant and I feel very energetic and blissful. Naturally there are a few specific things I love to do in March and here goes the list.

A Day Trip or Outdoor Picnic

March is neither cold nor hot; it is so pleasant that we can enjoy nature at its best. The bright sun, the cool breeze, the flowers and new leaves in trees and the chirping of birds make the weather ideal for a day trip. I enjoy my morning walks and even the regular commute to my office. When mundane days are so pleasing, why not plan a day trip or a picnic amidst nature? This March I went for a picnic to the Sundarbans and it was so much fun. Picnic out in nature is one of the best things I love to do in March. My time in nature always comes with outdoor sketching which is like meditation to me.

Visiting a Nursery

After the cold winter is gone, the season flowers in Kolkata stop blooming and they need replacement. Hence visiting a nursery is one of the compulsory things I love to do in March. I love getting plants which grow best in March and sustains through summer. Jasmine, Bougainvillea and Periwinkles are my favourite flowering plants for the season and I prefer bringing home more crotons and other plants with beautiful leaves. I enjoy my morning coffee amidst these plants. They refresh me to the core.

Cultivating Poetry

“The budding twigs spread out their fan,
To catch the breezy air;
And I must think, do all I can,
That there was pleasure there.”


These are few lines from the William Wordsworth’s famous poem, Lines Written in Early Spring”. The spring season is the season of the romantics. I love to romanticize my life with poetry and so both reading and writing poetry are my favourite activities. Sitting at a park and reading is one my favourite things I love to do in March, as the outdoors in March are rejuvenating. Listening to soft music or songs while sitting or strolling around in nature is also very soothing.

Buying Flowers and Decking Up the Rooms

I love fresh flowers in my room and spring is when my focus is more on the sweet fragrance of flowers over how beautiful or colourful they are. My favourite in March is tuberose; I find its smell intoxicating. May be because we play Holi in March, I associate this month with colours, mainly yellow and pink. I like my room to have the touch of floral, pink and yellow, especially the bedlinens and curtains.

Marching into March

Above is the list of 4 things I love to do in March. I always march into March with a lot of love, light, hope and energy. March symbolises pure joy and sheer vibrancy. Now, here I end with a quote from an American Best Selling author, Lisa Kleypas: “This is the perfume of March: rain, loam, feathers, mint.”
Dipannita Bhattacherya

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