Things to Do to be Happy

The last quarter of a year; October, November and December; is full of festivities, celebrations and gifting. Durga Pujo, Diwali, Kali Pujo, Christmas, marriage parties, birthdays of some of my closest and my own all fall in the last quarter. The year ends with celebrations and slips into a New Year. Talking of year end, I would love to list some of the best things to do to be happy throughout year.

Spend Time with Family and Friends:

We are social beings and spending time with friends and family boosts our sense of belonging. This reduces stress and brings happiness. Meeting friends and spending valuable time with family members is one of the best things to do to be happy. The positive vibes rejuvenate and refresh us and that energy keeps us happy throughout the year. Our bonding strengthens; the older relatives feel cared and the younger ones learn the value of togetherness and family traditions. Being in touch with family and friends is a support system and often motivates you to bring out your best.

Take Breaks to Travel:

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” – Dalai Lama.
It is essential that we take breaks from our regular mundane and travel. To me travelling leads to self-realization and is a process to find peace. It broadens horizons and enhances creativity. Even one trip a year is one of the best things to do to be happy throughout year. I travel more than once a year and I make sure that where ever I travel, in a year, some place in the Himalayas is always there in my itinerary, at least for once. Traveling to the Himalayas cleanses my soul and makes me ponder how small I am in this vast Universe.

Read More:

There is no limit to benefits of reading. Reading is an exercise for the brain, increasing our ability to focus. When we read more, our knowledge, perspective, general knowledge and imagination enhance. This in turn boosts our motivation and confidence too. For me reading reduces loneliness and stress. Reading is one of the best things to do to be happy forever.

Appreciate and Replicate the Art of Gifting:

Gifts are a blessing for both the giver and taker strongly connecting both parties and making them happy and loved. Gifts boost self-esteem and evokes generosity and gratitude. A well thought of gift is extremely valuable, whatever its price is. I enjoy both giving and receiving gifts. Utility gifts, gifts with personal touch, customised gifts, gifts from local sellers and handmade or handcrafted gifts are amazing. Well, I love plants and books for gifts too. Self-gifting is one of the best things to do to be happy.

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Learn New Things:

Learning new things and increased dopamine levels in the brain are often related and they help develop and improve neuroplasticity. I enjoy taking up the challenge of learning new skills as it keeps me motivated. Trying out my hands at new stuff regularly is among the best things to do to be happy throughout the year. This also beats boredom and boosts confidence. The brain remains youthful and active and in the long run the habit of learning new skills help prevent mental health issues and brain diseases like dementia.

Increase Personal Spiritual Capacity:

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” –Anne Frank.

What I understand as my personal spiritual capacity is trying to understand myself and being more of myself. The process involves not harming others and helping instead, being involved in some social work or community service and meditation. These activities enable us to be compassionate and teach us to respect all and also enhance our self-worth. Reaching out a helping hand is always blissful. Regular meditation brings down our stress levels and increases our focus and self-awareness. It also reduces fear. So helping others, doing some kind of social work and meditating are the best things to do to be happy yearlong. We automatically become happy as our negative emotions and anxiety start to fade and tolerance and harmony start to grow. I also enjoy journaling regularly because it gives me an ideal opportunity to focus on myself.    

Keeping the Inner Child Happy Keeps Us Happy

I had already spoken about this before (the link is shared below for reference).

We need to identify ourselves with our inner child. Our inner child is free of inhibitions and is basically happy. A child is innocent, positive, bubbling with energy and always curious. That’s what we need to be and these childlike activities are the best things to do to be happy forever.


Dipannita Bhattacherya

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