Travel Lover’s Synonyms for My Friends

Travel Lover’s Synonyms for My Friends is what I wanted to write about today. As it is friendship day, while talking to my friends, I got this idea. Most of my closest friends and I bond over travel. There are some synonyms for travel lovers with thin line of difference between each which we often ignore or get confused about. I believe with examples these words become perfectly clear and distinct. Do use some of these travel lover’s synonyms while talking to people and you will definitely sound cool.  

Hodophile, the trending travel lover’s synonyms

Hodophile, an adjective, is one of most trendy travel lover’s synonyms these days. It means one who is a travel lover but a lover of roads, to be more specific. I will explain the specification, as promised with appropriate examples. My friends Soumyajoy and Neelakshi, husband and wife from Kolkata, are true lover of roads. Where ever they go, they chose to travel by road with Soumyajoy at the steering wheel. Be it with in West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Sri Lanka or Singapore; he prefers to drive at every place. We have been together on a trip to Himachal Pradesh and I cherish my experience with them.

I must also mention about my brother, Debabrata and my sister-in-law, Bipasha, under this category of travel lover’s synonyms. They are residents of Toronto now. I treasure our Goa trip together where my brother effortlessly drove for 5 hours everyday. The drive we enjoyed together from Alberta to Banff Forest, in Canada, is one of the best drives I have ever experienced. Moreover, that route is considered one of the most gorgeous drive routes in the world. My brother and Bipasha, like Soumyajoy, have also driven across West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. My brother took a solo driving trip in Bhutan when he was a bachelor.

Globetrotter, My Personal favourite among all travel lover’s synonyms

This is not only my favourite travel lover’s synonym but also one of my favourite words. Globetrotter means a person who travels regularly or frequently to countries all over the world. Sonar Kella’s Mandar Bose, the fake globetrotter and Agantuk’s Utpal Dutt, the real globetrotter are our all time favourites. I have been introduced to this word at an early age from the movies of the great Satyajit Ray. These travelers or globetrotters are repertoire of experience, learning and stories and in general highly accepting with remarkable openness.  My friends Debasish Dutt and his wife Surma Dutta are suitable examples for the word. Debasish has been travelling since childhood with his family across the globe and he is our go to guide for almost any country in the world. From itineraries to which liquor to carry home, he best recommends. Even forex he is our go to man as his family is one of India’s oldest in the industry. You can have a feel of it from the fascinating travel pics he shared.

Solivagant, the coolest of all travel lover’s synonyms

This travel lover’s synonym is an adjective. A solo traveller has my heart. I took a solo trip to Santorini and Delphi in Greece. It was amazing, making me smarter, fearless and more alert. Solo travel is free from distractions making one focus absolutely on the place and the self. My childhood friend, Aparajita Chakraborty, is a solo travel expert. Not only does she make awesome solo trips but also her sociology research topic is based on solo (women) travel. I have made several amazing trips with her. A solivagant is in general closer to nature and the raw culture of the place of travel. Solo trips are self enriching. 

Itchy Feet, a metaphor

Itchy feet is one of the most popular travel lover’s synonyms used these days. It’s a metaphor, not like you really have an itchy feet literally. This means, very often you feel an uncontrollable urge to travel. Bengalis have been travel lovers since generations and so in Bengali we have a commonly used phrase পায়ের তলায় সরষে which means the same as itchy feet. Here if I have to place a friend as an example, it has to be my friend, Tarmistha. She is a banker by profession but a traveller by passion. No weekends are left unutilised by her. We often ask her the secret to manage leaves from office for travelling. She travels with her family, friends, cousins and colleagues too. The main point is that she is unstoppable. She travels to gain energy to work harder and excels at work too. Personally speaking Tarmistha and Sneha, another close friend of ours have been my coolest travel roomies ever. 


Itinerant is one of the most crucial travel lover’s synonyms. It literally means one who travels from place to place but is often used for travellers who are focused on itinerary. Debashis and Debasree Kumar are perfect examples for this adjective and noun. They make brilliant itineraries and follow them to the core, never missing a single attraction at a place. They have travelled almost the whole of India and the couple specialises in photography. I am grateful to them for helping me out with numerous photos for my blogs before. I have travelled with them and their precise research made me discover new spots of which I never heard before.

The Pet friendly Traveller 

This is not among the travel lover’s synonyms but I had to create this category. I am myself a traveller who prefers cute fur balls around. I have a friend, Sneha, who is surrounded by innumerable pets at home. She while travelling instantaneously attracts attention of cute animals. I have travelled with her where she even tried rescuing us from animal attacks by hypnotising them. Jokes apart, She is a real animal lover.

Friends and travel

There are more travel lover’s synonyms like wayfarer (who travels on foot), roadie (who accompanies music band) and rover (wanderer). Grey Nomad is another word from Australia which literally means a retired person travelling on caravan. These synonyms, even though different with specifications, ultimately has one thing in common, that is, wanderlust. Here I end hoping for more travel plans after the world heals of the pandemic. The travel bug can’t hibernate. The Gipsey souls need to fly. Cheers to my travel buffs and the vagabonding spirits.

Dipannita Bhattacherya

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