Unfolding Shiva, My Way

I am a non religious person but trying to explore various aspects of spiritualism in my own way. So, whatever you are going to read now are absolutely my thoughts. The unfolding of the idea of Shiva and all the concerning elements that complete his image is put down below. These explanations are my personal understanding of Shiva and not influenced by any religion and/or religious scriptures.  

Shiva’s Jata And The Ganga:

Ganga represents the physical form of our lives. Firstly, the river is gushing and frivolous at its origin as we do in our youth and then slowly calms down with maturity. It keeps flowing till it finally meets the greater seas in the end. She is conjured from Shiva’s jata, locked hairs, which symbolize attachment and interdependence of elan in spite of the yogic detachment. It is the same elan that flows through us all. The flow of the Ganga is controlled by Shiva. He controls the flow of the Universe too.


The Moon On Shiva’s Head:

Shiva wears the moon on his head which represents our soul, the inner spiritual desires and subconscious emotions. Moon is the representative of our minds and is actually considered to influence our minds and emotions. It also controls the tides in the water bodies. Our minds control our bodies, even if we don’t realise this often.

Shiva For All:

Basically Shiva represents the life we live; the thoughts we have and the actions we take. He represents both our mind and body, us a wholesome. Shiva creates and destroys. He also protects. He is the Neelkanth who drank the poison during Samudramanthan without taking sides of the devas. The asuras are as much his as the devas. Defying the borders of good and bad, he is beyond boundaries.

Shiva is Tandav, Rudra and Vikat which means he represents extremes. He represents anger and he represents dirt death and decay with his body smeared with ashes from cremation ground. At the same time, he is Shant, Soumya and Gyan, that is, he is peace, tranquil and wisdom. The poisonous cobra around his neck is the ego, fear and greed he controls. 

Shiva, The Universe:

He is the Neelkanth who drinks away poison from our lives. He is the Pashupatinath, the lord of all living beings. The tiger skin he wears depicts supreme power. He is the Jyotirling, the ray of light,enlightening our minds, showing us the path of light. True wisdom drives away all darkness.He is the Universe. I pray and invite him in our lives to enlighten us by taking away all the fears and darkness from our minds.

Har Har Mahadev.



Science Behind Shiva:

Meditation and yoga help. Shiva is called the Adi Yogi, believed to be the first guru of yoga. Meditation and yoga clear and calm the mind and keeps the body fit and flexible. Yoga is philosophy as well as science and the mythological stories whose origin is unknown are woven with metaphors and allegories. Om is the sound of the Universe, creating vibrations of life. Chanting Om helps in connecting with the Universe and is divine. It’s an exercise, if not a prayer.

picture courtesy: https://www.deviantart.com/mannybakshi/art/Shiva-meditation-609401943 and https://www.sacredwalks.org/

Om Namoh Shivaya. 

Dipannita Bhattacherya

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  1. Saumadri Datta Chaudhuri

    Full of information about Lord Shive unfolded to me post this article.

    Keep it up Dipanita

  2. हर हर महादेव
    Monday-Day of Mahadev
    Shravan-Month of Mahadev (personally most favourite)
    You have portrayed it very beautifully & your paintings are just awesome as well as meaningful…
    Just in love with your blogs….

    “Kal uska kya bigare, jo bhakt hai mahakal ka”
    हर हर महादेव

  3. Soma Dutta Khare

    Quite informative. Moreover paintings are nice. Mahamrityunjay mantra is the only one which can cure both mental n physical illness.

    1. Sk Shaiful Haque

      Your Art , Your hardwork , your dedication, It’s amazing. I can’t define this in word

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