World Environment Day, 2022: #OnlyOneEarth

Another 5th of June and another World Environment Day is here, this time, with the theme ‘Only One Earth’. World Environment Day, 2022, is hosted by Sweden, on its 50th anniversary, with focus on ‘Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature’. Various methods are devised as to how to protect the environment and articles and journals are published, videos are made, for raising awareness on environmental issues. However, are we really aware of the issues? Are we consciously trying to implement ways in our daily life to protect the environment? We can actually adopt these methods effortlessly if we truly love the environment from our very core. If nature thrives we exist and if nature falters, we may perish completely. So nature demands and deserves our love and respect. Nature gives us all our basic needs. Yet there are more reasons why I am so drawn to nature and I am sharing them here.

1. Nature Gives Me ‘Time’:

Is time a boon or a curse? We often tend to choose the darker side of the pendulum, be enslaved to time and keep rushing. If we stop by and start observing nature for a while in a day, we will realise the amount of difference it brings to our life. That very short span of time with nature drains away all our fatigue and rejuvenates us. Nature seems to slow time for us; as if it lasts longer. Slow living is a boon at times. Time is precious, I cease it as eternity and not as a whirlpool and nature is the key to attain this. This World Environment Day let us promise to spend at least 5 minutes of our day with nature. We could water plants or go for a walk in the park amidst trees in the in the morning. I love to take a break for 5 minutes from work and watch the sunset from a balcony of my office. The time with nature makes my head clutter free.

2. Nature is the Best Teacher:

Nature is perfect and is so well synchronised and balanced. Observing nature carefully creates a balance in us and we learn to focus. We are a part of nature and it is important that we identify ourselves with nature. This will protect the environment and we will flourish with it. Natural habitat brings in real-world experiences which are far more appropriate and relevant that classroom learnings. We have a lot to learn from nature. On World Environment Day, lots of schools conduct students-nature connect programmes. However, these events are not just for a day but must be held often, or be a part of the curriculum. Scandinavia is known for its ‘forest school’ tradition. Gurudev, Rabindranath Tagore, was a preacher of Mother Nature being the best teacher.

3. Nature is A Healer:

Nature heals physically, mentally and spiritually. When in wilderness, amidst nature, we travel to a transcendence where we get relief from stress. Nature releases one from depression and anxiety and sets in good mood. Exposure to nature reduces blood pressure, lung disorders, unnecessary aggression, muscle tension, heart rate and stress hormones. Natural surroundings improve our overall immunity system and wellbeing. We calm down and learn to focus and our level of concentration and retention capacity increase resulting in higher efficiency and effective results in whatever we do. Those who have not stepped out to spend some time amidst nature since long; on this World Environment Day, spend some time in natural surroundings and you will enjoy the experience.

4. Nature Provides Life’s Best Experiences:

Being amidst nature is therapeutic. Nature gives us clarity and transfers its energy and purity to us. I have not only experienced this myself, but also have experienced enhanced creativity. The realisation that the same elan runs through us all and we are nature is an experience in itself. I feel life is nature and nature is life. Nature touches my soul, stirs me spiritually and helps me practice gratitude for this life. I draw pleasure from every simple and little joy of life. Nature is peace, nature is god. If we don’t protect the earth, our environment, we harm ourselves. Today, on World Environment Day, let’s promise not to harm ourselves and to protect our environment in every little way we can.

Nature is Eternal

Life is a gift and let’s choose eternity over the indulgent modern living which actually restricts our life. This World Environment Day I earnestly request all to think over this.
Dipannita Bhattacherya

5 thoughts on “World Environment Day, 2022: #OnlyOneEarth”

  1. Santanu Bhattacharjee

    Beautiful writing and photographs. Touched all good points of nature. But maximum percentage of people don’t want boon from nature they want curse, men think this beautiful planet is only for their habitat, so they are going to peris trees and others natural good things for making to modernise their future. 50 years ago we’ve promised to save nature from pollution, but didn’t keep it. We’re fetching fatigue and breathing trouble in our life but not trying to remove the curse ” Pollution”.

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